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At lanopearl, we believe in growing with you.
Our continuous mission is to grow our brands, raise our sales volume, market share and shareholder value, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Export Opportunity

Be your own boss…

We share the costs of FDA application and provide marketing and training support.

This is a chance of a life time that you should not miss…
with competitive export prices in Australia and overseas. We currently supply to over 20 countries.

We have 5 brands to choose from, with more than 150 items, including organic skincare, premium anti-ageing skincare, Australian vitamins & health supplements, Australian placenta cream, and other beauty/health products.

We are welcoming new distributors.

Apply now for a chance to become sole distributor in your country.


*Please note that in some countries, we have distributors for only 1 of our brands or in selected areas only eg USA we have distributors in East USA, we are looking for a distributor in West USA. In Taiwan we have a distributor for our Mt. retour brand, however we are still seeking a distributor for both the Lanopearl and Rebirth brands.

Contact us now on:
Tel 61 2 9516 0263

or simply visit our export website www.lanopearlexport.com for more details.