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At lanopearl, we believe in growing with you.
Our continuous mission is to grow our brands, raise our sales volume, market share and shareholder value, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Visual Merchandising


Lanopearl is committed to creating an image of youth and beauty that every woman can relate to. Our shelf displays, available in various designs and sizes, help create instant product recognition and communicate this message to consumers.

Lanopearl has developed a new range of shelve display units for in-store activity. The concept of these new units reflects our visual identity.

The Lanopearl brand has 3 shelf units available: standard 1.2m, large 2.4m and counter sample 1m.

The Rebirth brand features the iconic sheep image which is synonymous with the Australian landscape.

The Mt. retour shelf display is unique with its tree shelf and matching log sample display. There is also a small shelf display for the Mt. retour essential oils.

All wholesale customers will have the option to have the above shelves supplied by us. Alternatively, if you have your own shelving it needs to have our brand signage displayed clearly.

*Please note that only products from our brands are allowed to be displayed on our display shelves.