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At lanopearl, we believe in growing with you.
Our continuous mission is to grow our brands, raise our sales volume, market share and shareholder value, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Welcome to Lanopearl


Established in 1993, Lanopearl is an Australian based company with a strong commitment towards exceptional quality health, beauty and wellbeing products.

The ‘Triangle of Life’ is an approach to life which balances happiness, health and love which cascades into general wellbeing. This holistic approach is the foundation of Lanopearl’s business philosophy and unique corporate culture. With this concept always in mind, we constantly strive to achieve technological breakthroughs and product excellence to create a difference to our consumers lives.

When you login to purchase online as a wholesale customer, you will find insider tips on improving your business through various strategies that will enhance your product positioning.

Lanopearl will grow with you.